Weed Management

On and Off the Turf

Nobody wants weeds in their yard

Let us take care of that

Weed Management for the turf

Our weed management services are renown for their effectiveness. As an integral part of our Guaranteed Green Program, we are experts in weed control. Getting rid of those pesky nuisances not only makes your yard look better, but it allows more nutrients to be available to your grass.

Our chemicals are safe and effective, and we know exactly how to maintain a weed controlled environment throughout the southern Alberta seasons. For more information, check out our Guaranteed Green Program. If you would like to have us take care of some weeds, contact us today, or apply online.

Off the turf Weed Management

Weeds can grow almost anywhere with little or no soil or water. Our regularly scheduled Weed Management Program for Non-turf areas can help minimize undesired growth of weeds and plants in certain areas such as RV parking pads, rock beds or any hardscape areas with cracks.  These products are not intended to be used in flower beds.

Want your lawn to come to life and stay that way?

Frequently asked questions about Weed Management

Your lawn requires precious nutrients and minerals to flourish properly. Getting rid of weeds will ensure an aesthetically pleasing yard, and less nutrients being stolen from your grass.

There are two primary ways to getting rid of weeds. The old fashioned way is manually pulling them from the ground by hand or tool. However, thankfully to advancements in lawn care, we now have state of the art weed control chemicals that are safe for your lawn and long lasting!

Over the years, we have found, it takes consistent work throughout the year to control the spreading of weeds. That is why we offer the Guaranteed Green Program to give you an all-in-one solution to your lawn care needs.

Want your lawn to come to life and stay that way?

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