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Get rid of those weeds and bring the green back to your turf!

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Here's how our lawn care solution brings life to your yard

Watch your neighbors turn green with envy as your lawn flourishes with our Guaranteed Green Program - the ultimate fertilizing and aeration package! The perfect solution for all your lawn care needs.

Spring Green Up Application

Fertilizer in April will give the lawn a great start. This application has all of the essential nutrients and plenty of slow release to help build the healthy roots needed when the stresses of summer heat arrive.

Spring Weed Buster Application

Our liquid fertilizer in May and June will sustain the turf as it goes through its heaviest growth period of the season. Newly emerged weeds are treated at this time and slow release nutrients will continue to build health roots.

Early Summer Weed Buster Application

Our liquid fertilizer in June and July will keep the turf vigorous as it is heading into the heat of summer. Weed management products are used to control stubborn weeds or those which are prolific seed producers.

Summer Maintainer Application

During July and August the cool season grasses growing in Southern Alberta tend to go dormant. With adequate nutrition and irrigation they will maintain good color and tolerance to the stresses of this part of the season. It is necessary to water longer at this time of the year.

Fall and Winterizer Application

In September and October it is very important to build up the energy reserves in the grass roots. This is the most important application of the year to have healthy stress resistant turf next season. Fall is also the best time to control stubborn perennial weeds such as dandelion and thistle.

Want your lawn to come to life and stay that way?

Why is the Guaranteed Green Program such an optimal choice for lawn care solutions?

Our Guaranteed Green Program provides what is needed to create a green, weed resistant lawn. With the 5 Step Complete Fertilizer Package & Aeration, your lawn will receive the jump start in needs in the spring and the nutrients it requires to survive the winter. If your lawn requires an additional visit, it is on us!

What is the role of Aeration in our lawn care service?

When plugs of soil are removed, your lawn is more open to receive water and nutrients in the fertilizer which will be applied throughout the season

Encouraging healthy root development by increasing absorption of nutrients and moisture is the purpose of Aeration. It is the process of removing cores/plugs of soil, often compacted, creating room for healthy root development. This service is offered throughout the season to increase the ability for your lawn to absorb moisture and the nutrients delivered in our 5 Step Complete Fertilizer Package.

Want your lawn to come to life and stay that way?

Here are Medicine Hat's Frequently asked questions about lawn care services.

Bringing your lawn back to life may require only a few simple steps, depending on what state it is in. In most cases, some water and fertilizer goes a long way. However, you may also need to re-seed in areas where needed. Mowing and watering regularly helps keep your lawn healthy and give it the opportunity to flourish.

Yes, sort of. In most cases there is only so much fertilizer can do for your lawn. Feeding it too much can cause chemicals to leech into ground water, which may be harmful indirectly.

That depends. If your lawn has been dead for more than 2 months, the chances are slim to none. If it is too far gone, you may need to tear out the old and bring in the new. Although, if it hasn’t been too long, some tender love and care should do the trick.

Want your lawn to come to life and stay that way?

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