Sprinkler Blowouts

Inspections and winter preparation

We make sure your sprinklers are working right

and ready for the winter season

Sprinkler inspections for blowout preparation and lawn coverage/effectiveness

When spring has sprung it is a great time to start your sprinklers. The weather often dictates when this service should be completed as an early dry spring may require an early start up, even into April, however May is most often the ideal time for your sprinkler start up. During this service we make sure the soil has thawed sufficiently prior to turning the system on and doing a test for proper coverage as heads/tips often move throughout the winter season.  We will identify any “over the winter” damage as well as washing any debris and dirt (which often causes malfunctions)from the sprinkler heads and/or tips.  We will notify you of any repairs needing to be done prior to moving forward.

Winter preparation blowouts for sprinklers

Using specialized equipment we force the water from your sprinkler lines. To protect your investment the system and water supply are shut off to avoid damage which can occur from water freezing in your lines.

So get some experts to come take care of that for you. Avoiding the headache of frozen water lines will save you time, money, and hair. So contact us today to find out more and get started before winter hits too hard!

Want your lawn to come to life and stay that way?

Frequently asked questions about sprinkler blowouts

Ensuring that your system is properly insulated is key. Additionally, you must keep tabs on your system timers, ensuring it doesn’t activate during the frozen seasons.

Drain your pips before winter, or else water will freeze in your lines and cause multiple costly problems.

Finally, it is important to maintain observation of your heads and connections to spot any possible failures in the system. Sprinklers can be around for years, and with time, comes some wear and tear.

Essentially, without getting into too much detail, you need to shut off the water lines and apply air pressure through the system to literally “blowout” the water. This helps clear the lines entirely so that nothing will freeze inside and expand the lines. By doing this, you avoid possible damage and blockages.

Getting rid of existing water in your sprinkler system is key to preparing for winter. By doing so, you get rid of water that can freeze within your system. If water is left in the system, it will expand once frozen. This will break pipes and connections, forcing you to gut the entire thing and start over in some cases. So save yourself some money, and get those sprinklers blown out to avoid any future headaches.

Want your lawn to come to life and stay that way?

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